perjantai 10. helmikuuta 2012

Studio Day 1

Failing in life and failing with equipment - was definitely the overall feeling during the day 1.
Total of 2 computer change-overs, 2 monitor change-overs, numerous guitar chain checks made us realize that the problem wasn't in the miking, nor the chain, nor the computer, nor the monitors. It was the friggin interface that was cause of the trouble all the time. After numerous attempts to re-install the drivers and checking the connections we came to the conclusion that the technology has beaten the man.

Some of the quotes that we're repeated during day one:

"When a boosted 5150 stack sounds like a half ass 15w Crate combo,
it's like Armenian genocide all over again. It's unfair and it's not fun"

"You sure that the mic is in front of the amp, and not behind it?"

"Interface is acting all weird"

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